Today in India and World History: April 04

April is the fourth month of the year in our modern-day Gregorian calendar. It was originally the second month of the year in the Roman calendar and named Martius

According to Gregory calendar, the day number 365 in a year and if it is a leap year then the day number is 366. April 04 has its own special significance in India and world history.

April is the fourth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and its predecessor, the Julian calendar. Its name is derived from the latin word aperit, which means to open.

It is also believed that the month’s name is named after the Greek goddess, Aphrodite (Aphros).

Here you will find some important events that happened today in Indian and world History on April 04. Read on to know more about this day.

List of Important Historical events of 04 April:

  • 1716: Russians and Prussia forces capture Vismar in northern Germany.
  • 1721: Robert Walpole becomes the first Prime Minister of Great Britain.
  • 1737: Anthony van Heim established as Dutch pension consultant
  • 1818: In the US Parliament, it was decided to place 13 stripes of red color and 20 stars in the national flag.
  • 1857: Anglo and Persian War ends.
  • 1873: The United Kingdom established the world’s first kennel club.
  • 1887: Susana Medora Salter becomes the first American female mayor.
  • 1889: Famous Hindi poet, writer, playwright and journalist Makhanlal Chaturvedi was born in Madhya Pradesh.
  • 1905: Around 20,000 people were killed in Kangda district of Himachal Pradesh by an earthquake.
  • 1909: Football team Sport Club International established in Porto Alegre Brazil.
  • 1910: Philosopher Sri Aurobindo reached Pondicherry (now Puducherry) where he opened a Yoga and spiritual center.
  • 1916: In the US Senate, agreed to participate in the First World War.
  • 1929: 20 people were killed and 59 were injured when a train derailed near Romania in Buzu.
  • 1932: Vyzislav Marinkovic became Prime Minister of Yugoslavia.
  • 1949: The North Atlantic Military Organization (NATO) was established, a result of the early Cold War.
  • 1960: African country Senegal declares independence from France.
  • 1960: Senegal signs a power deal with France, leading to the country’s independence.
  • 1975: Bill Gates and Paul Allen establish Microsoft in Albuquerque in New Mexico.
  • 1977: Southern Airways flight 242 crashes on a highway in New Hope, Georgia, killing 72 people.
  • 1979: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto hanged.
  • 1984: US President Ronald Reagan called for an international ban on chemical weapons.
  • 1997: The World Bank declared India as the fifth largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power.
  • 2010: 10 security personnel were killed in a landmine blast by Maoists in Koraput district of Odisha.
  • 2013: An illegal building collapsed in Thane in the Indian state of Maharashtra, killing 74 people.

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