List of Countries and their National Games

Different nations are identified with their flag, their national anthems, their national birds and animals, their national dress, their national language and of course with their national sports. As all other categories to identify a nation, sports too holds a different place in the national pride. All the major nations of this world hold different kinds of sports which for them are national pride and hence they find the premier place in the list of the sports they play. A National Sport of a country is the game based on popularity and cultural significance of that country. The national games are considered as an important part for the natives of that particular country.

To gain knowledge and be aware of the National Games of all countries, read the list written below

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Countries and their National Games

CountryNational Games / Sports
AnguillaYacht Racing
Antigua And BarbudaCricket
BrazilAssociation Football
CanadaLacrosse (summer), Ice Hockey (winter)
ChileChilean Rodeo
ChinaPing Pong (Table Tennis)
Denmark  Association Football, Handball
DominicanRepublic   Baseball
England   Cricket
Estonia    Basketball
Finland    Pesäpallo (Finnish Baseball)
France      Football
Georgia    Rugby Union
Grenada   Cricket
Guyana    Cricket, Water Polo
HaitiAssociation Football
Iceland     Handball
IndiaField Hockey
Indonesia Pencak Silat
Iran Wrestling
Ireland     Gaelic Football
Israel       Association Football
Jamaica    Cricket
Japan       Sumo
Lithuania Basketball
Madagascar      Rugby Union
Malaysia  Sepak Takraw
Mauritius Association Football
Mexico    Charrería
Mongolia Mongolian Wrestling, Archery
Nepal       Volleyball
New Zealand    Rugby Union
Norway   Cross-Country Skiing (winter)
Pakistan   Field Hockey
Papua New GuineaRugby League
PeruPaleta Frontón
Puerto RicoPaso Fino
SloveniaAlpine Skiing
South KoreaTaekwondo
Sri LankaVolleyball
The BahamasCricket
TurkeyOil Wrestling
Turks And Caicos IslandsCricket
United States Of AmericaBaseball
UruguayDestrezas Criollas
WalesRugby Union

General Awareness is an important section in exams such as SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, railways as a variety of questions can be asked from all around the world. To let you make the most of GA section, we are providing the list of National Sport of Various Countries.

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