Insurance Abbreviations & Acronyms

Insurance Abbreviations are commonly asked in Competitive Exams, banking and Insurance exams in India. We have provided the List of Important abbreviation of Insurance Terms used in daily life. Candidates can also read this Insurance Abbreviations and Acronyms exam material and can use it for your competitive exam preparation. We hope it may help you in exams!!

List of Abbreviations of Insurance Terms (Glossary)


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
AAAAmerican Academy Of Actuaries.
AACI         American Association Of Crops Insurers.
AADCAmerican Association Of Dental Consultants.
AAIAccredited Adviser In Insurance
AAIMAmerican Academy Of Insurance Medicine.
AAIMCAmerican Association Of Insurance Management Consultants.
AAISAmerican Association Of Insurance Services.
AALTCIAmerican Association For Long Term Care Insurance.
AALUAssociation For Advanced Life Underwriting.
AAMAssociate In Automation Management.
AAMGAAmerican Association Of Managing General Agents.
AAPLAmerican Association Of Petroleum Landmen.
AAPMRAmerican Academy Of Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation.
AASCIFAmerican Association Of State Compensation Insurance Funds.
ABAAmerican Bar Association, American Bankers Association.
ABIHAmerican Board Of Industrial Hygienists.
ABIMEAmerican Board Of Independent Medical Examiners.
ABSAmerican Bureau Of Shipping.
ACAAssociation Of Corporate Counsel.
ACASAssociate Of The Casualty Actuarial Society.
ACCAnti-Concurrent Cause.
ACCAAmerican Corporate Counsel Association.
ACCIAmerican Corporate Counsel Institute.
ACECAmerican Consulting Engineers Council.
ACIIAssociateship Of The Chartered Insurance Institute.
ACLAAutomobile Claim Law Associate.
ACLIAmerican Council Of Life Insurers.
ACLSAutomobile Claim Law Specialist.
ACLUAmerican College Of Life Underwriters.
ACMAsbestos-Containing Material.
ACORDAssociation For Cooperative Operations Research And Development.
ACSCAssociation Of Casualty & Surety Companies.
ACSRAccredited Customer Service Representative.
ACTAgents Council For Technology.
ACVActual Cash Value.
ACWRREAmerican Cargo War Risk Reinsurance Exchange.
ADAAmericans With Disabilities Act Of 1990.
ADAAAADA Amendments Act Of 2008.
ADBAccidental Death Benefit.
AD&DAccidental Death And Dismemberment.
ADEAAge Discrimination In Employment Act Of 1967.
ADRAlternative Dispute Resolution.
AEIAAmerican Excess Insurance Association.
AFIAAmerican Foreign Insurance Association.
AFISAgribusiness And Farm Insurance Specialist.
AFSBAssociate In Fidelity And Surety Bonding.
AGCAssociated General Contractors Of America.
AGRPAssociation Of Governmental Risk Pools.
A&HAccident And Health (Insurance).
AHASAdvocates For Highway And Auto Safety.
AHERAAsbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act Of 1986.
AHIAAssociation Of Health Insurance Advisors.
AHIPAmerica’s Health Insurance Plans.
AHISAmerican Hull Insurance Syndicate.
AIAAviation Insurance Association.
AIABAlliance Of Insurance Agents And Brokers.
AIAFAssociate In Insurance Accounting And Finance.
AIBMAutomobile Insurers Bureau Of Massachusetts.
AICAssociate In Claims.
AICPAssociation Of Insurance Compliance Professionals.
AICPAAmerican Institute Of Certified Public Accountants.
AICPCUAmerican Institute For Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters .
AIHAAmerican Industrial Hygiene Association.
AIMAssociate In Management.
AIMAAs Interest May Appear.
AIMEAverage Indexed Monthly Earnings.
AIMUAmerican Institute Of Marine Underwriters.
AIPAnnual Implementation Plan.
AIPSOAutomobile Insurance Plans Service Office.
AIRACAll Industry Research Advisory Council.
AIRBAviation Insurance Rating Bureau.
AIRMICAssociation Of Insurance And Risk Managers.
AISGAmerican Insurance Services Group, Inc.
AITAssociate In Information Technology.
ALAutomobile Liability.
ALAEAllocated Loss Adjustment Expense.
ALCAmerican Life Convention.
ALCMAssociate In Loss Control Management.
ALEAdditional Living Expense.
ALHAAssociation Of Life And Health Administrators.
ALIMDAAssociation Of Life Insurance Medical Directors Of America.
ALMAssociation Of Lloyd’s Members.
ALOPAdvance Loss Of Profit .
ALOSAverage Length Of Stay.
ALTAAmerican Land Title Association.
AMAAmerican Medical Association.
AMBACAmerican Municipal Bond Assurance Corp.
AMEMICAssociation Of Mill & Elevator Mutual Insurance Companies.
AMICAmerican Marine Insurance Clearinghouse.
AMIFAmerican Marine Insurance Forum.
AMIMAssociate In Marine Insurance Management.
AMWAverage Monthly Wage.
ANIAmerican Nuclear Insurers.
ANLAbove Normal Loss.
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
AOPAll Other Perils.
APAdditional Premium.
APAAssociate In Premium Auditing.
APIAssociate In Personal Insurance.
APIWAssociation Of Professional Insurance Women.
AR Accounts Receivable.
ARCOAssociated Reporting Companies.
AREAssociate In Reinsurance.
ARIAAmerican Risk And Insurance Association.
ARMAssociate In Risk Management.
ARM–PAssociate In Risk Management For Public Entities.
AROAsset Retirement Obligation.
ARPAssociate In Research And Planning.
ARPIAustralian Risk Policy Institute.
ARSAuction Rate Security.
ART Annual Renewable Term.
ASA Associate In Society Of Actuaries.
ASCAssociated Specialty Contractors.
ASCLUAmerican Society Of Chartered Life Underwriters.
ASCNApplied Systems Client Network.
ASHRMAmerican Society For Healthcare Risk Management.
ASIMAmerican Society Of Insurance Management.
ASISAmerican Society Of Industrial Security.
ASLIAssociate In Surplus Lines Insurance.
ASMAvailable Seat Miles.
ASMEAmerican Society Of Mechanical Engineers.
ASOAdministrative Services Only.
ASOPActuarial Statement Of Practice.
ASPPAAmerican Society Of Pension Professionals & Actuaries .
ASSEAmerican Society Of Safety Engineers.
ASTMAmerican Society For Testing And Materials
ATAAmerican Trucking Associations, Inc.
ATIMAAs Their Interests May Appear
ATLAAssociation Of Trial Lawyers Of America.
ATRAAmerican Tort Reform Association.
AUAssociate In Underwriting.
AWCBCAssociation Of Workers’ Compensation Boards Of Canada.
AWWAverage Weekly Wage.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
BACMBest Available Control Measures.
BAPBusiness Auto Policy.
BAPCPABankruptcy Abuse Prevention And Consumer Protection Act Of 2005.
BBBBanker’s Blanket Bond.
B&CBuilding And Contents.
BCARBest’s Capital Adequacy Ratio.
BCBSABlue Cross And Blue Shield Association.
BCEBermuda Commodities Exchange.
BCEGSBuilding Codes Effectiveness Grading Schedule.
BCMBusiness Continuity Management.
BCPBusiness Continuity Plan.
BCSPBoard Of Certified Safety Professionals.
BDATBest Demonstrated Available Technology.
BELRIMBelgian Risk Management Association.
BERPBasic Extended Reporting Period.
BFCGLBroad Form Comprehensive General Liability .
BFPDBroad Form Property Damage.
BIBodily Injury; Business Interruption.
BICBusiness Income Coverage.
BIMBuilding Information Modeling.
BMBoiler And Machinery.
B&MBoiler And Machinery.
BOPBusinessowners Policy.
BOWBreach Of Warranty.
BPBBlanket Position Bond.
BPFBasic Premium Factor.
BPLBankers Professional Liability.
BPLIBankers Professional Liability Insurance.
BPTBranch Profits Tax.
BRBuilders Risk.
BRACBase Realignment And Closure Act.
BTRBelow-Target Risk.
BVBrick Veneer .


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
CACCombined Additional Coverage.
CAEChief Audit Executive.
CAGRCompounded Annual Growth Rate.
CALComprehensive Automobile Liability.
C AND FCost And Freight.
CAPACertified Automotive Parts Association.
CAPEXCapital Expenditures.
CAPMCapital Asset Pricing Model.
CAPPConference Of Actuaries In Public Practice.
CARContractors All Risks.
CAREConcerned Alliance Of Responsible Employers.
CARFCommission On Accreditation Of Rehabilitation Facilities.
CARFMCoalition Of Alternative Risk Funding Mechanisms.
CARFRACoordinated Advertising, Rate And Form Review Authority.
CASCasualty Actuarial Society.
CBMUCanadian Board Of Marine Underwriters.
CBOTChicago Board Of Trade.
CBRACoastal Barrier Resources Act Of 1982.
CBRSCoastal Barrier Resources System.
CCIAConsumer Credit Insurance Association.
CCIPContractor Controlled Insurance Program.
CCIRCanadian Council Of Insurance Regulators.
CCLACasualty Claim Law Associate..
CCLSCasualty Claim Law Specialist
CDCertificate Of Deposit.
CDSCredit Default Swap.
CDWCollision Damage Waiver.
CEBCouncil Of Employer Benefits.
CEBSCertified Employee Benefits Specialist.
CELContractors Environmental Liability.
CENConfiscation, Expropriation, Nationalization .
CENDConfiscation, Expropriation, Nationalization, And Deprivation.
CEPTCredit Equivalent Bypass Trust.
CERCLAComprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, And Liability Act Of 1980.
CFContract Frustration.
C&FCost And Freight.
CFAChartered Financial Analyst.
CFCChartered Financial Consultant; Controlled Foreign Corporation.
CFMAConstruction Financial Management Association.
CFPCertified Financial Planner; Coordinated Financial Planning.
CFROICash Flow Return On Investments.
CFTCCommodities And Futures Trading Commission.
CFUCustomary Freight Unit.
CGLCommercial General Liability .
CHCMCertified Hazard Control Manager.
CHIAACrop Hail Insurance Actuarial Association.
CIACanadian Institute Of Actuaries.
CIAACanadian Independent Adjusters Association.
CIABCouncil Of Insurance Agents And Brokers.
CICCertified Insurance Counselor.
CICACaptive Insurance Companies Association.
CIFCost, Insurance, And Freight.
CIHCertified Industrial Hygienist; Compensated Intercorporate Hauling.
CIIChartered Insurance Institute.
CIMCommercial Inland Marine.
CIPConsolidated Insurance Program; Controlled Insurance Program.
CIPOControlled Insurance Program For Operations.
CIRBCrop Insurance Research Bureau.
CISRCertified Insurance Service Representative.
CITCritical Incident Technique.
CLClaims Leakage.
CLHIACanadian Life & Health Insurance Association.
CLIEDISCanadian Life Insurance Edi Standards Association.
CLMCommercial Lines Manual.
CLUChartered Life Underwriter.
CMConstruction Management; Construction Manager.
CMAAConstruction Management Association Of America.
CMPCommercial Multiple Peril; Controlled Master Program.
CMTCrisis Management Team.
CNHICommittee For National Health Insurance.
CNPCotton Named Perils (Insurance).
C/OCompleted Operations.
COAAConstruction Owners Association Of America.
COBCoordination Of Benefits.
COBRAConsolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act Of 1985.
COCCourse Of Construction.
COGSACarriage Of Goods By Sea Act Of 1936.
COGWACarriage Of Goods By Water Act Of 1993.
COICertificate Of Insurance.
COILConference Of Insurance Legislators.
COLACost Of Living Adjustment.
COOChief Operating Officer.
COPCommercial Output Policy.
COPEConstruction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposure.
COPPAChildren’s Online Privacy Protection Act Of 1998.
CORCost Of Risk.
COSOCommittee Of Sponsoring Organizations.
CPCommercial Property .
CPACertified Public Accountant; Consumer Protection Act.
CPCUChartered Property Casualty Underwriter.
CPECertified Professional Engineer.
CPIConsumer Price Index.
CPIWCertified Professional Insurance Woman.
CPLComprehensive Personal Liability.
CPMCritical Path Method
CPPCertified Protection Professional.
CPPACable Communications Policy Act Of 1984
CPPLCare Providers Professional Liability.
CPRLContractors Professional Liability.
CPSAConsumer Product Safety Act Of 1972.
CPSCConsumer Product Safety Commission.
CPSMCertified Product Safety Manager.
CPUCentral Processing Unit.
CPWRCenter To Protect Workers’ Rights.
CQECertified Quality Engineer.
CRCommercial Crime.
CRACargo Reinsurance Association.
CRECertified Reliability Engineer.
CRISConstruction Risk And Insurance Specialist.
CRMCanadian Risk Management.
CROChief Risk Officer.
CRSCommunity Rating System.
C&SCapital And Surplus.
CSCConstruction Safety Council.
CSIOCentre For Study Of Insurance Operations.
CSLCombined Single Lim.It.
CSOClaim Services Only
CSO TABLECommissioners Standard Ordinary Table.
CSPCommercial Statistical Plan.
CSRCustomer Service Representative.
CTDCumulative Trauma Disorder.
CTGControl Technique Guidelines.
CURTConstruction Users Roundtable.
CVCash Value.
CVACaptive Value Added.
CVIFCompound Value Interest Factor.
CWCICalifornia Workers’ Compensation Institute.
CWRCountrywide Rate Pages.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
DACDeferred Acquisition Cost.
DAPDeposit Administration Plan.
D&BDun & Bradstreet.
D/B/ADoing Business As.
DB&CDwelling, Building And Contents.
DBIADesign- Build Institute Of America
DCCDomestic Cell Captive.
DCFDiscounted Cash Flow.
DCIPDeveloper Controlled Insurance Program.
DDDDishonesty, Disappearance, And Destruction.
DDLDisclosure Dollar Loss.
DDPDistributed Data Processing.
DECDeclarations Page.
DEFSDirect Applied Exterior Finish System.
DEPDirect Earned Premium.
DFADynamic Financial Analysis.
DFIRMDigital Flood Insurance Rate Map.
DIDisability Income; Double Indemnity.
DICGCDeposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India.
DITCDisability Insurance Training Council.
DJIADow Jones Industrial Average.
DMADirect Marketing Association.
DMICDirect Marketing Insurance Council.
DNIDistributable Net Income.
D&ODirectors And Officers (Liability Insurance).
DOBDate Of Birth.
DOCDrive Other Car Coverage.
DODDate Of Death.
DOHSADeath On The High Seas Act Of 1920.
DOJDepartment Of Justice.
DOLDepartment Of Labor.
DOSDenial Of Service.
DOTDepartment Of Transportation.
DPPDeferred Premium Payment Plan.
DPPADriver’s Privacy Protection Act Of 1994.
DQOData Quality Objective.
DRDaily Report.
DREDestruction And Removal Efficiency.
DRGDiagnostic Related Group.
DRIDefense Research Institute.
DSUDelay In Start-Up.
DTIDepartment Of Trade And Industry.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
EAEnrolled Actuary.
EABExperience Account Balance.
EAPEmployee Assistance Program; Estimated Annual Premium.
EARErection All Risks.
EBIDDAEarnings Before Interest, Dividends, Depreciation, And Amortization.
EBITEarnings Before Interest And Taxes.
EBITDAEarnings Before Interest,Taxes,Depreciation And Amortization.
EBRIEmployee Benefit Research Institute.
ECExtended Coverage.
ECCEastern Claims Conference.
ECFExtended Care Facility.
ECFCEmployers Council On Flexible Compensation.
ECIExport Credit Insurance.
ECO Extra Contractual Obligations.
ECOREconomic Cost Of  Run.
ECPExempt Commercial Policyholder.
ECPAElectronic Communications Privacy Act Of 1986.
EDDEnforcement Decision Document.
EDIExport Development Corporation.
EDPExtended Discovery Period/Provision.
EELEmergency Exposure Limits.
EEOCEqual Employment Opportunity Commission.
EIFSExterior Insulation And Finish Systems.
EILEnvironmental Impairment Liability.
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement.
EJCDCEngineers Joint Contracts Documents Committee.
ELEmployers Liability; Expected Loss.
ELLEducators Legal Liability.
ELPExcess Loss Premium .
ELRExpected Loss Rate.
EMAPEnvironmental Monitoring And Assistance Program.
EMTEmergency Medical Technician.
ENCPErisa Non Compliance Program.
E&OErrors And Omissions.
EPEarned Premium.
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency.
EPCEngineering/Procurement Construction.
EPDExpected Policyholder Deficit.
EPLEmployment Practices Liability.
EPLIEmployment Practices Liability Insurance.
EPSEarnings Per Share.
ERDExpected Reinsurer Deficit.
ERICErisa Industry Committee.
ERISAEmployee Retirement Income Security Act Of 1974.
ERMEnterprise Risk Management.
ERPExtended Reporting Period.
ERPLEmployment-Related Practices Liability.
ERSCEnvironmental Response Services Contractor.
E&SExcess And Surplus.
ESAEmployee Spending Account.
ESIElectronically Stored Information.
ESOPEmployee Stock Ownership Plan.
ESOTEmployee Stock Ownership Trust.
ETBEngaged In Trade Or Business.
EUOExamination Under Oath.
EXPROExpedited Process


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
FAAFederal Arbitration Act.
FACFacultative Reinsurance.
FACTAFair And Accurate Credit Transactions Act Of 2003.
FAIAFlorida Association Of Insurance Agents.
FAIRFair Access To Insurance Requirements.
FALUFellow Of The Academy Of Life Underwriting.
FAPFamily Automobile Policy.
FARFederal Aviation Regulations.
FASFree Along Side.
FASBFinancial Accounting Standards Board.
FATAFinancial Anti-Terrorism Act (Patriot Act) Of 2001.
FATCAForeign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca).
F&CFire And Casualty.
FCASFellow Of The Casualty Actuarial Society.
FCCFederal Communications Commission.
FCEFunctional Capacity Evaluation.
FCICFederal Crop Insurance Corporation.
FCIIFellowship Of The Chartered Insurance Institute.
FCLAFraud Claim Law Associate.
FCLSFraud Claim Law Specialist.
FCPAFederal Corrupt Practices Act Of 1910.
FCPAForeign Corrupt Practices Act Of 1977.
FCPLFarmers Comprehensive Personal Liability.
FCRAFair Credit Reporting Act Of 1970.
FC&SFree Of Capture And Seizure.
FDICFederal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
FDPAFlood Disaster Protection Act Of 1973.
FECAFederal Employees’ Compensation Act Of 1916.
FEGLIFederal Employees Group Life Insurance.
FELAFederal Employers Liability Act Of 1908.
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency.
FERMAFederation Of European Risk Management Associations.
FETFederal Excise Tax.
FHBMFlood Hazard Boundary Map.
FHWAFederal Highway Administration
FIAFederal Insurance Administration.
FICFraternal Insurance Counselor.
FICAFederal Insurance Contribution Act Of 1935.
FICCFederation Of Insurance And Corporate Counsel
FIICFellow Of The Insurance Institute Of Canada.
FIOFederal Insurance Office.
FIRMFlood Insurance Rate Map.
FIRREAFinancial Institutions Reform, Recovery, And Enforcement Act Of 1989.
FLMIFellow Of The Life Management Institute.
FLSAFair Labor Standards Act Of 1938.
FMFactory Mutual.
FMCSAFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
FMCSRFederal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
FMHSAFederal Mine Health And Safety Act Of 1969.
FMLAFamily And Medical Leave Act Of 1993.
FMVFair Market Value.
FNMAFederal National Mortgage Association.
FOBFree On Board.
FOCFire Office Committee Forms.
FOSFIFederal Office Of The Superintendent Of Financial Institutions.
FPAFree Of Particular Average.
FPAACFree Of Particular Average.
FPEBFire Prevention And Engineering Bureau.
FRMFellow In Risk Management
FRVFair Rental Value.
FSA Flexible Spending Account.
FSLICFederal Savings And Loan Insurance Corporation
FTCFederal Trade Commission.
FTCACFire, Theft, And Combined Additional Coverage.
FVDFull Value Declared.
FVWCForeign Voluntary Workers Compensation.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
GAGeneral Agent.
GAAPGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles.
GAASGenerally Accepted Auditing Standards.
GABGeneral Adjustment Bureau. 
GAMAGeneral Agents And Managers Association.
GAMCGeneral Agents And Managers Conference.
GAOGovernment Accountability Office.
GAPGuaranteed Auto Protection.
GASBGovernmental Accounting Standards Board.
GCGuaranteed Cost.
GCCIGuy Carpenter Catastrophe Index.
GCDGuaranteed Cost Discount.
GCWGross Combination Weight.
GDPGross Domestic Product.
GFCIGround Fault Circuit Interrupter.
GHAAGroup Health Association Of America.
GICGuaranteed Investment Contract.
GINAGenetic Information Nondiscrimination Act Of 2008.
GIOGuaranteed Insurability Option.
GKLLGarage Keepers Legal Liability.
GLGeneral Liability.
GLBGramm-Leach-Bliley Act Of 1999.
GNEPIGross/Net Earned Premium  Income.
GNMAGovernment National Mortgage Association.
GNPIGross/Net Premium Income.
GPOGovernment Printing Office.
GULPGroup Universal Life Program.
GWPGross Written Premium.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
HBHouse Bill.
HCQIAHealth Care Quality Improvement Act Of 1986.
HFIEHuebner Foundation For Insurance Education.
HHGHousehold Goods.
HIHealth Insurance.
HIAAHealth Insurance Association Of America.
HIIHealth Insurance Institute.
HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability And Accountability Act Of 1986.
HLDIHighway Loss Data Institute.
HLVHuman Life Value.
HMOHealth Maintenance Organization.
HOLUAHome Office Life Underwriters Association.
HPLHospital Professional Liability.
HPRHighly Protected Risk.
HRHuman Resources.
HRSHazardous Ranking System.
HSAHealth System Agency.
HSPHealthcare Safety Professional.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
IACIndustrial Accident Commission.
IAHUInternational Association Of Health Underwriters.
IAIABCInternational Association Of Industrial Accident Boards & Commissions.
IAISInternational Association Of Insurance Supervisors.
IAOCInsurers’ Advisory Organization Of Canada.
IASAInsurance Accounting And Systems Association, Inc.
IBACInsurance Brokers Association Of Canada.
IBANSInsurance Brokers Association Of Nova Scotia.
IBCInsurance Bureau Of Canada.
IBNERIncurred But Not Enough Reserved.
IBNRIncured But Not Reported.
IBTIncome Before Taxes.
ICAInternational Claim Association; Insurance Consortium Of America.
ICACInsurance Committee For Arson Control.
ICCInterstate Commerce Commission.
ICEDSInsurance Company Education Directors Society.
ICIAInternational Credit Insurance Association.
ICISAInternational Credit Insurance & Surety Association.
ICPInsurance Conference Planners.
ICPAInsurance Conference Planners Association.
ICPIInsurance Crime Prevention Institute.
ICSIDInternational Center For The Settlement Of Investment Disputes.
IDBIIndustrial Development Bond Insurance.
IDIInherent Defects Insurance.
IDLIndependent Director Liability.
IDLHImmediately Dangerous To Life And Health.
IDMIntegrated Disability Management.
IDMAInsurance Data Management Association.
IEAInsurance Educational Association.
IFCInsured Fixed-Price Cleanup.
IFCAInsurance Fair Conduct Act.
IFEBPInternational Foundation Of Employee Benefit Plans.
IFSCInternational Financial Services Centre.
IFSRAIrish Financial Services Regulatory Authority.
IFTAInternational Fuel Tax Agreement.
IGFInsurance Guaranteed Financing.
IHOUInstitute Of Home Office Underwriters.
IIAInsurance Institute Of America, Inc.
IIAAIndependent Insurance Agents Of America, Inc.
IIABAIndependent Insurance Agents And Brokers Of America, Inc.
IIACInternational Insurance Advisory Council.
IIATIndependent Insurance Agents Of Texas.
IICInsurance Institute Of Canada.
IICAEInsurance Industry Consumer Affairs Exchange.
IIEIllinois Insurance Exchange.
IIEDIntentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress.
IIHSInsurance Institute For Highway Safety.
IIIInsurance Information Institute.
IILAInternational Institute Of Loss Adjusters.
IIMAInsurance Industry Meetings Association.
IISInternational Insurance Seminars, Inc.
IJAInterjurisdictional Agreement On Workers Compensation.
ILInterline .
ILABInsurance Library Association Of Boston.
ILCAInsurance Loss Control Association.
ILFIncreased Limits Factor.
ILOCIrrevocable Letter Of Credit.
ILUInstitute Of London Underwriters.
IMCAInsurance Marketing Communications Association.
IMUAInland Marine Underwriters Association.
IOSInternational Organization For Standardization.
IPAIndependent Practice Association.
IPACInsurance Public Affairs Council.
IPDIntegrated Project Delivery.
IPFAInsurance Premium Finance Association.
IPOInitial Public Offering.
IPTInsurance Premium Tax.
IRIncident Recall.
IRAIndividual Retirement Account.
IRCInsurance Research Council; Internal Revenue Code.
IRESInsurance Regulatory Examiners Society.
IRIIndustrial Risk Insurers.
IRISInsurance Regulatory Information System.
IRMImproved Risk Mutuals.
IRMCInstitute For Risk Management Consultants.
IRMIInternational Risk Management Institute, Inc.
IRPInternational Registration Plan.
IRPMIndividual Risk Premium Modification.
IRRInternal Rate Of Return.
IRSInternal Revenue Service.
IRUAIntermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Association.
ISCEBSInternational Society Of Certified Employee Benefits Specialists.
ISOInsurance Services Office, Inc.
ISTEAIntermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act Of 1991.
ITAInterjurisdictional Trucking Agreement.
ITCInvestment Tax Credit.
ITCIFInternational Trade Credit Insurance Facility.
ITESInformation Technology Enabled Services.
ITIInsurance Testing Institute.
IVANSInsurance Value Added Network Services.
IWHInstitute For Work & Health.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
JCAHJoint Commission On The Accreditation Of Hospitals.
JCAHOJoint Commission On Accreditation Of Healthcare Organizations
JHAJob Hazard Analysis.
JOAJoint Operating Agreement.
JOBSJumpstart Our Business Startups Act.
JSAJob Safety Analysis.
JUAJoint Underwriting Authority; Joint Underwriting Association.
JVJoint Venture.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
LAELoss Adjustment Expense.
LASHLighter Aboard Ship
LCALife Communicators Association.
LCFLoss Conversion Factor.
LDFLoss Development Factor.
LDWLimited Damage Waiver.
LEALoss Executives Association.
LEEDLeadership In Energy And Environmental Design.
LEPCLocal Emergency Planning Committee.
LHWCALongshore And Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act Of 1927.
LIAALife Insurance Association Of America.
LIAMALife Insurance Agency Management Association.
LIBORLondon Interbank Offered Rate.
LICLife Insurance Corporation of India.
LIMRALife Insurance Marketing & Research Association.
LIRBLiability Insurance Research Bureau.
LLCLimited Liability Company.
LMULoss Mitigation Underwriting.
LOCLetter Of Credit.
LOMALife Office Management Association.
LPCSLegal Principles Claim Specialist.
LPRTLeading Producers Round Table.
LPSOLloyd’s Policy Signing Office.
LPTLoss Portfolio Transfer.
LRRALiability Risk Retention Act Of 1986.
LTALost Time Accident.
LTCLong Term Care.
LTDLong-Term Disability.
LTLLess Than Truckload.
LUMPLimits Under Multiple Policy Years.
LUTCLife Underwriter Training Council,


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
MAAAMember Of American Academy Of Actuaries.
MACMaximum Allowable Concentration.
MAPMarket Assistance Plan.
MASManagement Advisory Service.
MBIAMunicipal Bond Insurance Association.
M&CManufacturers And Contractors (Insurance).
MCAMotor Carrier Act Of 1980.
MCOManaged Care Organization.
MCRMinimum Capital Requirement.
MCSMonte Carlo Simulation.
M&DMinimum And Deposit.
MDLMaximum Dollar Loss.
MDOMonthly Debit Ordinary Life Insurance.
MDRTMillion Dollar Round Table.
METMultiple Employer Trust.
MEWASMultiple Employer Welfare Associations.
MEWPMobile Elevated Work Platform.
MFLMaximum Foreseeable Loss.
MGAManaging General Agent.
MGUManaging General Underwriter.
MIBMedical Information Bureau.
MICAMortgage Insurance Companies Of America.
MICRAMedical Injury Compensation Reform Act Of 1975
MIGAMultilateral Investment Guarantee Agency.
MISManagement Information System.
MLEMaximum Loss Expectancy.
MLEAMultiple Line Exclusive Agent.
MLISManagement Liability Insurance Specialist.
MLRMultiple Location Risk.
MMIMaximum Medical Improvement.
MMIIMass Marketing Insurance Institute.
MMSEAMedicare, Medicaid, And SCHIP Extension Act Of 2007.
MOLMitigation Of Loss.
MOPManufacturers Output Policy.
MORTManagement Oversight And Risk Tree.
MOSBMercantile Open Stock Burglary.
MPMinimum Premium; Multiple Peril.
MPCIMulti-Peril Crop Insurance.
MPEEMulti-Period Excess Earnings.
MPLMaximum Possible Loss.
MPPManaged Premium Plan.
MPRMAMissouri Public Risk Management Association.
MSAMarket Service Agreement; Master Service Agreement.
MSAWPAMigrant And Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act Of 1983.
MSBFMoney And Securities Broad Form.
MSDMusculoskeletal Disorder.
MSDSMaterial Safety Data Sheet.
MSVRMandatory Securities Valuation Reserve.
MTCMotor Truck Cargo.
MVICMarket Value Of Invested Capital.
MVRMotor Vehicle Record.
MYSLMultiyear Single Limit.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
NAANational Association Of Accountants.
NAAQSNational Ambient Air Quality Standard.
NABRTINational Association Of Bar- Related Title Insurers.
NACANational Association Of Catastrophe Adjusters.
NACIANational Association Of Crop Insurance Agents.
NAFINational Association Of Fire Investigators.
NAFICNational Association Of Fraternal Insurance Counselors.
NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement.
NAHUNational Association Of Health Underwriters.
NAIANational Association Of Insurance Agents.
NAICNational Association Of Insurance Commissioners.
NAICSNorth American Industry Classification System.
NAIFANational Association Of Insurance And Financial Advisors.
NAIINational Association Of Independent Insurers.
NAIIANational Association Of Independent Insurance Adjusters.
NAIIONon- Admitted Insurers Information Office.
NAIWNational Association Of Insurance Women.
NALCNational Association Of Life Companies.
NAMICNational Association Of Mutual Insurance Companies.
NAOHPNational Association Of Occupational Health Professionals.
NAPEONational Association Of Professional Employer Organizations.
NAPIANational Association Of Public Insurance Adjusters.
NAPSLONational Association Of Professional Surplus Lines Offices.
NARABNational Association Of Registered Agents And Brokers.
NASBANational Association Of State Boards Of Accountancy.
NASBPNational Association Of Surety Bond Producers.
NASDNational Association Of Securities Dealers.
NASDAQNational Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations.
NASINational Academy Of Social Insurance.
NASPNational Association Of Subrogation Professionals.
NATBNational Automobile Theft Bureau.
NAUANational Auto Underwriters Association.
NBCRNuclear, Biological, Chemical Or Radiological Weapons.
NBFUNational Board Of Fire Underwriters.
NCCINational Council On Compensation Insurance.
NCCMPNational Coordinating Committee For Multi
NCIGFNational Conference Of Insurance Guaranty Funds.
NCILNational Conference Of Insurance Legislators.
NCOILNational Conference Of Insurance Legislators.
NCPINational Committee On Property Insurance.
NCSINational Council Of Self.
NCUANational Credit Union Administration.
NDINational Disaster Insurance Association.
NEABNotional Experience Account Balance.
NEFENational Endowment For Financial Education.
NEISSNational Electronic Injury Surveillance System.
NEPANational Environmental Policy Act Of 1969.
NFIANonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities Act Of 1952.
NFCANational Fraternal Congress Of America.
NFFENonfinancial Foreign Entity.
NFIPNational Flood Insurance Program.
NFIRANational Flood Insurance Reform Act Of 1994.
NFPANational Fire Protection Association.
NFUCWCNational Foundation For Unemployment Compensation And Workers Compensation.
NHCAANational Health Care Anti- Fraud Association.
NHINational Health Insurance.
NHTSANational Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
NICBNational Insurance Crime Bureau.
NICONational Insurance Consumer Organization.
NIDCNational Insurance Development Corporation.
NIOSHNational Institute For Occupational Safety And Health.
NIPANational Institute Of Pension Administrators.
NIRPNational Insurance Risk Profile.
NISSNational Independent Statistical Service.
NLENormal Loss Expectancy Of A Risk.
NOANaturally Occurring Asbestos.
NOCNot Otherwise Classified.
NODSNon-Owned Disposal Sites.
NOLNot Officially Lapsed.
NOLHIGANational Organization Of Life And Health Insurance Guaranty Associations.
NPNamed Perils.
NPDNo Payroll Division.
NPDBNational Practitioner Data Bank.
NPLNational Priority List.
NPVNet Present Value.
NRCNuclear Regulatory Commission.
NRMCNonprofit Risk Management Center.
NRRANational Risk Retention Association.
NRTNational Response Team.
NSIPANational Society Of Insurance Premium Auditors.
NSLINational Service Life Insurance.
NSPNet Single Premium.
NSPANational Society Of Public Accountants.
NSPENational Society Of Professional Engineers.
NSPSNew Source Performance Standards.
NTSBNational Transportation Safety Board.
NVDNo Value Declared.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
OASDHIOld Age, Survivors, Disability, And Health Insurance (Act) Of 1935.
OCAOutstanding Claims Account.
OCIPOwner Controlled Insurance Program.
OCPOwners And Contractors Protective.
OCSLAOuter Continental Shelf Lands Act Of 1953.
OECDOrganization For Economic Cooperation And Development.
OEEOperators Extra Expense.
OFAOrganized Flying Adjusters.
OGPOriginal Gross Premium.
OIOutage Insurance.
OISOperating Information System.
OL&TOwners, Landlords, And Tenants.
O&MOperations And Maintenance.
OMCSOffice Of Motor Carrier Standards.
OPICOverseas Private Investment Corporation.
OPPIOwners Protective Professional Indemnity.
ORFSOperational Risk Financing Securities.
ORMOperational Risk Management.
OSHAOccupational Safety And Health Administration.
OSLROutstanding Loss Reserves.
OTCOther Than Collision.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
PAParticular Average; Predictive Analytics.
PAASPremium Audit Advisory Service.
PACPolitical Action Committee.
PAIUProfessional Association Of Insurance Underwriters.
PAPPersonal Auto Policy.
PARMAPublic Agency Risk Managers Association.
PASPremium Allocation System.
PBGCPension Benefits Guaranty Corporation.
PCProfessional Corporation.
P&CProperty And Casualty.
PCAOBPublic Company Accounting Oversight Board.
PCCProtected Cell Captive.
PCIProperty Casualty Insurers Of America.
PCIPPartner Controlled Insurance Program.
PCLAProperty Claim Law Associate.
PCLSProperty Claim Law Specialist.
PDAPregnancy Discrimination Act Of 1978.
PDLPersonal Director Liability.
PEBBPublic Employee Blanket Bond.
PEOProfessional Employer Organization.
PERTPerformance, Evaluation, And Review Technique.
PIPersonal Injury.
P&IProtection And Indemnity.
PIAPrimary Insurance Account.
PIAAPhysician Insurers Association Of America.
PICAProfessional Insurance Communicators Of America.
PIIPersonally Identifiable Information.
PIPPersonal Injury Protection.
PIPEDAPersonal Information Protection And Electronic Documents Act Of 2000.
PIPSOProperty Insurance Plans Service Office.
PLProfessional Liability.
PLEPrimary Loss Expectancy.
PLLPollution Legal Liability.
PLRPrimary Loss Retention.
PLRBProperty Loss Research Bureau.
PLUSProfessional Liability Underwriting Society.
PMAPackage Modification Adjustment.
PMFPackage Modification Factor.
PMIPrivate Mortgage Insurance.
PMLProbable Maximum Loss.
PMPLProject Management Protective Liability.
PNOCProvisional Notice Of Cancellation.
POLPublic Officials Liability.
PORCProducer-Owned Reinsurance Company.
PPACAPatient Protection And Affordable Care Act.
PPFPersonal Property Floater.
PPOPreferred Provider Organization.
PRPro Rata.
PRDPro Rata Distribution.
PRIPolitical Risk Insurance.
PRIMAPublic Risk Management Association.
PRMPersonal Risk Management.
PROPeer Review Organization.
PRPPotentially Responsible Party; Preferred Risk Policy.
PSAPlacement Service Agreement.
PSACPolicy Signing And Accounting Centre .
PSCPublic State Commission; Public Service Commission.
PSIPollutant Standard Index.
PSLRAPrivate Securities Legislation Reform Act.
PSROProfessional Standards Review Organization.
PTEProhibited Transaction Exemption.
PUCPublic Utilities Commission.
PURMAPublic Utilities Risk Management Association.
PVPresent Value.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
QCQuality Control.
QIPQuality Indicator Profile.
QISQuantitative Impact Study.
QPCQualified Pollution Exclusion.
Q TIP TRUSTQualified Terminable Interest Property Trust.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
RARemedial Action.
RAAReinsurance Association Of America.
RACMRegulated Asbestos-Containing Material.
RACTReasonably Available Control Technology.
RAROCRisk-Adjusted Return On Capital.
RARORACRisk-Adjusted Return On Risk-Adjusted Capital.
RBCRisk-Based Capital.
RBNEReserved But Not Enough.
RCReplacement Cost.
RCRAResource Conservation And Recovery Act Of 1976.
RDFRetro Development Factor.
REELReal Estate Environmental Liability.
REITReal Estate Investment Trust.
RELRecommended Exposure Limit.
RFISRemedial Feasibility Investigation Study.
RFPRequest For Proposal.
RICORacketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations Act Of 1970.
RIFReduction In Force.
RIMASRisk & Insurance Management Association Of Singapore.
RIMSRisk And Insurance Management Society, Inc.
RMRisk Management.
RMFRate Modification Factor.
RMIARisk Management Institution Of Australasia Ltd.
RMISRisk Management Information System.
RMLResidual Market Load.
ROCResearch And Oversight Council On Workers’ Compensation.
ROCIPRolling Owner Controlled Insurance Program.
ROEReturn On Equity.
ROEBIReturn On Employee Benefits Investment.
ROIReturn On Investment.
ROLRate On Line.
RORACReturn On Risk-Adjusted Capital.
RPReturn Premium.
RPGRisk Purchasing Group.
RPIIRelated Party Insurance Income.
RPLURegistered Professional Liability Underwriter.
RPMRemedial Project Manager.
RPMPRisk Premium Modification Plan.
RQReportable Quantity.
RRARisk Retention Act Of 1986.
RREResponsible Reporting Entity.
RRGRisk Retention Group.
RRPRailroad Protective.
RRSPRegistered Retirement Saving Plan.
RSPAResearch And Special Programs Administration.
RTCResolution Trust Corporation.
RTWReturn To Work.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
SASociety Of Actuaries.
SAASurety Association Of America.
(SAAS)Software As A Service Model.
SACSeparate Account Company.
SAPStatutory Accounting Principles.
SARASuperfund Amendments And Reauthorization Act Of 1986.
SARBOXSarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002.
SAWCASouthern Association Of Workers’ Compensation Administrators.
SAWWStatewide Average Weekly Wage.
SBSenate Bill.
SBLISavings Bank Life Insurance.
SBUSeries Business Unit.
SCASSecurities Class Action Suits Filings.
SCCSegregated Cell Captive.
SCCIASouth Carolina Captive Insurance Association.
SCHIPState Children’s Health Insurance Program.
SCICSociety Of Certified Insurance Counselors.
SCLASenior Claim Law Associate.
SCOHStatistical Coding Occupancy Hazard.
SCOPESupervision, Construction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposure.
SCPCUSociety Of Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriters.
SCRSolvency Capital Requirement.
SECSecurities And Exchange Commission.
SEMCISingle-Entry Multiple Company Interface.
SEPSimplified Employee Pension.
SERCState Emergency Response Commission.
SERPSenior Executive Retirement Plan.
SERPSupplementary Employee Retirement Plan.
SEUASoutheastern Underwriters Association.
SFStandard Fire Forms.
SFAASurety & Fidelity Association Of America .
SFHASpecial Flood Hazard Area.
SFIPStandard Flood Insurance Policy.
SFPStandard Fire Policy.
SGLIServicemen’s Group Life Insurance.
SIASociety Of Insurance Accountants.
SICStandard Industrial Classification.
SIFMSociety Of Insurance Financial Management.
SIGSelf- Insurance Group.
SIIASelf- Insurance Institute Of America.
SIOSurety Information Office.
SIPState Implementation Plans.
SIPCSecurities Investor Protection Corporation.
SIRSelf-Insured Retention; Society Of Insurance Research.
SIRPSelf- Insured Reimbursement Policy.
SITESociety Of Insurance Trainers And Educators.
SIUSpecial Investigative Unit.
S&LSavings And Loan.
SLSprinkler Leakage.
SLCSpecial Litigation Committee.
SLRStop-Loss Reinsurance.
SLUSASecurities Litigation Uniform Standards Act.
SMESmall And Medium Enterprises.
SMPSpecial Multi
SNURSignificant New Use Rule.
SOASociety Of Actuaries.
SOXSarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002.
S&PStandard And Poor’s.
SPAPSpecial Personal Auto Policy.
SPBASociety Of Professional Benefit Administrators.
SPCVSpecial Purpose Corporate Vehicle.
SRShort Rate.
SRASociety For Risk Analysis.
SR&CCStrikes, Riots, And Civil Commotions.
SRMCSociety Of Risk Management Consultants.
SSASocial Security Administration.
SSAP 62Statement Of Statutory Accounting Principles No. 62.
SSRSSingle State Registration System.
STDShort- Term Disability.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
TAMTechnical Advice Memorandum.
TAIL VARTail Value At Risk.
TAMRA Technical And Miscellaneous Revenue Act Of 1988.
TCDTreasury Certificate Of Deposit.
TCETail Conditional Expectation.
TCNThird Country National.
TCPATelephone Consumer Protection Act Of 1991.
TDATax Deferred Annuity.
TDBTemporary Disability Benefits.
TDITrade Disruption Insurance.
TECH E&OTechnology Errors And Omissions.
TEFRATax Equity And Financial Responsibility Acts Of 1982 & 1983.
TERITargeted Enterprise Risk Insurance.
TEXAS PRIMATexas Public Risk Management Association.
TIAATeachers Insurance And Annuity Association.
TIFTax Incremental Financing.
TILTruth In Lending (Act Of 1968).
TIRBTransportation Insurance Rating Bureau
TIVTotal Insurable Value.
TLOTotal Loss Only.
TLVThreshold Limit Value.
TMTax Multiplier.
TMPTexas Multi
TOLITrust-Owned Life Insurance.
TORTechnique Of Operations Review.
TPAThird-Party Administrator.
TPRMATennessee Public Risk Management Association.
TRATax Reform Act Of 1984.
TRIATerrorism Risk Insurance Act Of 2002.
TRIEATerrorism Risk Insurance Extension Act Of 2005.
TRIPTerrorism Risk Insurance Program.
TRIPRATerrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act Of 2007.
TRIREATerrorism Risk Insurance Revision And Extension Act Of 2007.
TRSTotal Reduced Sulphur.
TSATax Sheltered Annuity.
TSCAToxic Substances Control Act Of 1976.
TSDFTreatment, Storage, And Disposal Facility.
TSLATexas Surplus Lines Association, Inc.
TTDTemporary Total Disability.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
UBITUnrelated Business Income Tax.
UBTIUnrelated Business Taxable Income.
UCCUniform Commercial Code.
UCDUnemployment Compensation Disability.
UCIUnemployment Compensation Insurance.
UCRUsual, Customary, Reasonable.
UCRAUnified Carrier Registration Agreement.
UELUpper Explosive Level.
UEPUnearned Premium.
UEPRUnearned Premium Reserve.
UFTAUniform Fraudulent Transfer Act.
UIMUnder Insurance Motorist.
UIMVUnderinsured Motor Vehicle.
UJFUnsatisfied Judgment Fund.
ULUmbrella Liability.
 ULAEUnallocated Loss Adjustment Expense.
ULCUnderwriters Laboratories Of Canada.
UMUninsured Motorists.
UMPDUninsured Motorist Property Damage.
UMVUninsured Motor Vehicle.
UNLUltimate Net Loss.
U&OUse And Occupancy.
UPUnearned Premium.
UPRUnearned Premium Reserve.
UPSUninterruptible Power System.
URLUniform Resource Locator.
URMIAUniversity Risk Management & Insurance Association.
USDAU.S. Department Of Agriculture.
USERRAUniformed Services Employment And Reemployment Rights Act Of 1994.
USGLIU.S. Government Life Insurance.
USITCU.S. International Trade Commission.
USL&HWUnited States Longshore And Harbor Workers’ (Compensation Act) Of 1927.
USTUnderground Storage Tank.
UTBMSUniform Task Based Management System.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
VCIAVermont Captive Insurance Association.
VEBAVoluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association.
VGLIVeterans Group Life Insurance.
VIEVariable Interest Entity.
V&MMVandalism And Malicious Mischief.
VOCVolatile Organic Compound.
VORValue Of Risk.
VPValuable Papers.
VPPVoluntary Protection Program.
VPPAVideo Privacy Protection Act Of 1988.
VSIVendors Single Interest.


Insurance AbbreviationsInsurance Terms Full form
WAWith Average.
WACCWeighted Average Cost Of Capital.
WAEPAWorldwide Assurance For Employees Of Public Agencies.
WARNWorkers’ Adjustment Retraining Notification (Act Of 1988).
WCWorkers Compensation.
WCLAWorkers’ Compensation Claim Law Associate.
WCLSWorkers’ Compensation Claim Law Specialist.
WCRIWorkers Compensation Research Institute.
WLRTWomen Leaders Round Table.
WMDWeapon Of Mass Destruction.
WPAWith Particular Average.


YRCTYearly Renewable Convertible Term.
YRTYearly Renewable Term.

What is the Abbreviation for Insurance?

There is one common way to abbreviate insurance.
It is,
For example,
Proof of ins.
The plural abbreviation of insurance is ins’s.

Definition of Insurance: Insurance is defined as a practice or arrangement by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium; a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality.

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