5 Technological Professions For The Bright Future [Updated 2022]

The technology sector is hot and getting hotter, but some specific skill sets are needed more than others. Here are five of the specialized tech job titles that are expected to be in strong demand for the foreseeable future.

5 Technological Professions with a Long Future

1. Web Developer:

Web application developers use programming languages to create online software that meets client specifications. A developer may work in multiple programming languages and operating systems. Employers typically look for computer-related education and relevant work experience. With the high demand for these skills, a formal degree is not always required. Out of the seven tech careers in this list, a prospective web application developer has the most coding boot camp courses available to them.

2. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts coordinate and execute measures to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems. A defining characteristic of people in these positions is adaptability to change because a security breach can occur at any time. Most information security analysts have a well-rounded computer education, including a bachelor’s in computer science, programming, or a related discipline. Given the demand in this field, colleges are responding with majors in information security.

3. Software Developers

The creative mind behind a computer program is a software developer. Some software developers create applications, while others build systems. They usually work alongside computer programmers. Software developers typically have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a computer-related field. A degree in mathematics is acceptable in some cases. Given today’s online coding boot camps and other unconventional learning systems, a traditional academic education is not always a requirement.

4. Expert in 3D Printing

3D printing will become as relevant and fundamental in the future as artificial intelligence and robotics will be. 3D printers must possess creative skills with the ability to improve the profitability and applicability of models, and also have computer skills and knowledge of 3D printing tools.

5. Cyber Security Specialist

With each technological advance comes the implied addition of more security risks. Therefore, cybersecurity will continue to be a growing sector. In this sense, each country will have its own specific regulations on top of international regulations, which will ensure that professionals with an advanced technological background, capable of nullifying new threats posed to both technology and people, will be in demand.

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