11 In-Demand Technology Skills to Learn in 2022

The future of jobs revolves around technology and finance. Companies around the world are hiring tech professionals with expertise in new technology and data science verticals. 2020 isn’t far away. As a professional, you might be focusing on the changes happening in your workplace and how to mold yourself into these tech skills.

We are concerned about the fact that the IT field is a dynamic one with so much happening day today. So software engineers should stay updated with these emerging tech skills.Digital technologies have created demand for new skills. There is an increased demand for new-age technologies.

List of Important In-Demand IT Skills for 2022

1. Software Testing

Every software needs frequent testing to keep it updated in terms of quality and function. Basically, software testing helps to identify how much software meets its user needs. It also helps to detect and fix security defects.The demand for a software tester is increasing; the salaries vary from company to company though a rise in earning depends on the experience level.

2. Mobile Application Development

App development is the highest in-demand technical field that has emerged in recent time. For several years, companies have been designing mobile-first platforms. Companies around the world are investing in training their workforce on mobile app development.

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI is rapidly changing the landscape of work, making it an exciting time for programmers looking for something new. Hiring growth for AI specialists has grown 74% annually in the past 4 years. Because of its increasingly widespread adoption. There is crossover with machine learning here, but the key difference is that AI is a broader concept pertaining to machines designed to act intelligently like humans, whereas machine learning relies on devices making sense of a specific set of data. In 2018, 31% of businesses said implementing AI was on their agenda for the next 12 months. Their top use cases are incorporating AI in data analysis and user experience.

4. Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the exciting technologies that one would have ever come across. It is one of the most profitable and innovative skills you can learn. IT firms have already started depending on and adapting solutions based on ML models. There are numerous use cases of machine learning, such as from voice-enabled assistants to chatbots. The companies using artificial intelligence and machine learning will be on the top-notch tech firms in the 2020s. Machine learning can be applied to diverse industry including finance, education, health care, agriculture, etc.  Those IT experts who started educating in AI and ML themselves are sure to earn top salaries in 2020.

5. Cyber Security

Data breaching is one of the unpleasant things a company can ever witness. Most of the companies collect customers’ sensitive data and keeping their network a secured one is beneficial. Data breaching can affect a company both financially and branding perspective. So considering these scenarios, cybersecurity will be one of the demanding skills in the 2020s.

6. Digital Marketing(SEO/SEM Marketing)

Digital Marketing refers to the marketing of products and brands on the internet using digital technologies. Marketing is done to reach customers via various online media platforms. The ultimate goal of a digital marketer is to display its products in sites with heavy traffic so as to reach many customers. It uses banners or display advertising to attract the audience to lead to sales. The demand for a digital marketer is increasing and also the take-home pay of a digital advertising professional will also increase bt 2020s.

7. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP enables machines to read and interpret text as humans do. The skill is recognised as the enabler of text analysis and speech recognition applications. Technology plays a major role in artificial intelligence and data science.

8. Data science and data analytics

Two consistently in-demand tech jobs within Big Data include data science and data analytics. Revenue from Big Data applications and analytics is projected to grow from $5.3B in 2018 to $19.4B in 2026. 84% of enterprises have launched advanced analytics and Big Data initiatives to accelerate their decision-making and bring greater accuracy. This is part of why data science has earned a top spot on LinkedIn’s emerging jobs report all three years the report has been conducted. Data analysis is the more entry-level skill, whereas data science gets more advanced, but the careers are still cousins. Industries needing data professionals span education, finance, health, software, and more.

9. Internet of Things

In the broadest sense, the term IoT encompasses everything connected to the internet, but it is increasingly being used to define objects that “talk” to each other. Everything that’s connected to the internet can be hacked, which is why security is one top concern with these devices. California and the UK have both recently introduced legislation to make IoT devices safer and more secure. Cybersecurity professionals who specialize in IoT will likely be highly sought after for this reason.

10. Robotics

As a robotics engineer, you can specialize in software or hardware roles, working on virtual or physical bots. Physical robotics can encompass medical equipment, exploration bots, animatronics for films or amusement parks, automated manufacturing equipment, and more. Virtual bots can exist in software and online to help automate tasks like customer service, virtual assistance and many more.

11. Industrial Design

Industrial design refers to product designs that target a large audience. These mainly focus on functionality, appearance, manufacturability, etc. All the products that we use every day are a result of the design process during which many opinions are put forward by an industrial designer. Industrial designer mainly stresses on improving the lives of people through well-executed design.

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