Today in India and World History: April 28

April is the fourth month of the year in our modern-day Gregorian calendar. It was originally the second month of the year in the Roman calendar and named Martius

According to Gregory calendar, the day number 365 in a year and if it is a leap year then the day number is 366. April 28 has its own special significance in India and world history.

April is the fourth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and its predecessor, the Julian calendar. Its name is derived from the latin word aperit, which means to open.

It is also believed that the month’s name is named after the Greek goddess, Aphrodite (Aphros).

Here you will find some important events that happened today in Indian and world History on April 28. Read on to know more about this day.

List of Important Historical events of 28 April:

  • 1740: Death of Maratha ruler Peshwa Bajirao I.
  • 1788: Mary Land becomes the seventh state to ratify the US Constitution.
  • 1788: Maryland ratifies the United States Constitution and the seventh U.
  • 1847: George B.
  • 1851: Santa Clara College established in Santa Clara, California.
  • 1855: First Veterinary College in the US incorporated in Boston.
  • 1883: First seven tournaments played at Melrose RFC, Scotland.
  • 1910: In England, a pilot named Clode Graham White flew the aircraft for the first time at night.
  • 1914: 181 people killed in a coal mine accident in the Essels area of ​​West Virginia in the US.
  • 1932: It was announced to develop yellow fever vaccine for humans.
  • 1935: Underground metro train started in Moscow, capital of Russia.
  • 1992: Birth of Kannada language litterateur Vinayak Krishna Gokak awarded with Jnanpith Award.
  • 1995: Death of 103 people due to gas explosion in metro in South Keria.
  • 2001: American businessman Dennis Anthony becomes the first space tourist.
  • 2002: The Booker Prize is renamed Man Prize for Fiction.
  • 2003: Employee Safety and Health Day was observed around the world, the same day workers who were killed during work are also remembered.
  • 2007: Australia becomes world champion for the fourth time by defeating Sri Lanka.
  • 2008: Indian Space Research Organization created a new history with PSLV-C9.

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