Tips to Choose the Best Daycare for Your Kids

Every parents thinks twice of leaving your kids with someone else a complete day, every work day is never a welcoming one. If it is your first baby than it is really a big decision. But if you are planning to go back to your 9-to-5, leaving your child at a daycare is probably the best decision you can make.

Now, its okay for every parents might be doubtful about the decision, and not being sure how to go ahead with the search process in finding the best daycare for your kids. Since, early day is a crucial time in development of a child and every mother would want their baby to be at a place that helps develop his/her social skills and gives access to quality education. Read the tips that help you to choose the best daycare centre near you, here’s what I looked for and the questions I asked the potential daycare providers.

Finding the Best Daycare for Your Kids

Step 1: Did complete Research:

Take recommendations from my friends, family and paediatrician. Researched online for child care referral services for daycare centres in my area and read their reviews before checking with them for admission.

Step 2: Visited and Interviewed:

Visit personally to the shortlisted daycare near me and screened the shortlisted daycare about the hours, fee, children’s schedule, centre’s policies, etc.

Step 3: Checked References:

I checked with other parents visiting the daycare about how satisfied they are. I also ask the centre for a list of past and present references, which really helped.

Step 4: Dropped by Unannounced:

There were times when I stopped by at the daycares unexpectedly, to get a truer picture. The centres that didn’t allow unscheduled visits were ticked off my list immediately.

Questions I Asked from daycare centres:

  1. What’s the tuition and application fee, and the schedule of the centre?
  2. What will be the strength of the class, and the student is to caregiver ratio?
  3. What’s the qualification and experience of the caregiver(s)?
  4. What’s their accreditation?

These are not all the questions you should asked from the professional daycare centres, but some of the important ones that you must ask before finalising the daycare for your kid. If you are looking for daycare near you, you might want to consider the best from the shortlisted daycare for their infrastructure, amenities and kid’s activities.

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