Fastest Fish In The World

Fish are not alone the most common native of the sea, but also the fastest. They have had a role in culture through the ages, serving as deities and religious symbols, as well as the subject of art works, books and movies. For the average landlubber, fish often seem strange. So it isn’t simple or easy to range the speed of fish, whether they’re swimming wild in the open sea, tugging on your line, or splashing in a tank. Still, wildlife experts have enough information to conclude that these are likely the world’s fastest fish species, all of which are highly prized by commercial and recreational fishermen. With 31,500 kinds so far identified, fish display more species diversity than any other class of vertebrates. The Black Marlin is the fastest fish in the world,its swimming  speed of 105 km/h, followed by Sailfish at 50mph.

List of top 10 fastest fish in the world:

1. Black Marlin

Scientific name: Istiompax indica
Swimming speed: 105 km/h to 129 km/h
Inhabited region: Australian coast and tropical Indo-Pacific

2. Sailfish

Scientific name: Istiophorus
Swimming speed: 100 km/h to 110km/h
Inhabited region: Indian and Pacific Oceans

3. Striped Marlin

Scientific name: Kajikia audax
Swimming speed: 60 km/h to 80km/h
Inhabited region: Tropical and temperate regions of Indo-Pacific Ocean

4. Wahoo

Scientific name: Acanthocybium solandri
Swimming speed: 60km/h to 78 km/h
Inhabited region: Tropical and sub-tropical waters around the world

5. Mako Shark

Scientific name: Isurus oxyrinchus
Swimming speed: 60 km/h to 74 km/h
Inhabited region: Tropical to temperate waters worldwide

6. Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Scientific name: Thunnus thynnus
Swimming speed: 60 km/h to 70 km/h
Inhabited region: western and eastern Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea

7. Blue Shark

Scientific name: Prionace glauca
Swimming speed: 59 km/h to 69 km/h
Inhabited region: Temperate and tropical oceans

8. Bonefish

Scientific name: Albula vulpes
Swimming speed: 60 km/h to 69 km/h
Inhabited region: Tropical water

9. Swordfish

Scientific name: Xiphias gladius
Swimming speed: 55 km/h to 64 km/h
Inhabited region: Tropical and temperate parts of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans

10. Flying Fish

Scientific name: Atheriniformes
Swimming speed: 50 km/h to 56 km/h
Inhabited region: Subtropical waters of the Atlantic and Pacific

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