Highest Flying Birds In The World

There are only few birds in the world that can fly above at an altitude of 37,100 ft, Check out the top 10 list of highest flying birds in the world.

List of Highest Flying Birds

1. Ruppell’s Vulture – 37,100 Feet

Ruppell’s Vulture is a very large omen rise in the wild of the Sahel region of central Africa. The Critically Endangered Ruppell’s Vulture flies at an altitude of 37,100 ft above sea level.  They use their edgy eyesight to scan the ground below from ultimate heights and then once a meal is spotted, they stoop down to grab the victim.

2. Common Crane – 33,000 Feet

Common Crane along with the demoiselle crane are medium sized crane species. This species is found in Europe and Asia and among the highest flying birds in the world by flight height. As per reports, the common crane has been sighted flying at an altitude of 10,000 meters (33,000 feet) while crossing the Himalayas. The ability of these birds to fly so high allows them to avoid the predatory eagles.

3. Bar Headed Goose – 29,000 Feet

Bar Headed Goose breeds in Central Asia, habitat in high altitude lakes near mountain in South Asia and India. The bird is one of the world’s highest flying birds and seen over Mount Everest 29,035 ft. There are reports of sightings of these birds above Mount Makalu (8,481 m or 27,825 ft) and even Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth at 8,481 m (27,825 ft).

4. Whooper Swan – 27,000 Feet

Whooper Swan is large bird and amongst the heaviest flying birds in the world. The the national bird of Finland is whooper swan. Whooper swans are beautiful birds that pair for life. These birds inhabit wetland areas in Europe and Asia. A radar record has displayed a gaggle of these birds flying at 8,200 meters (27,000 feet) over Northern Ireland.

5. Alpine chough – 26,500 feet

Alpine Chough in the crow family bird that breed in mountains of Africa and Asia. The eggs of these birds are well adapted to tolerate the lack of oxygen in the thin atmosphere at the high altitudes where the bird resides. Reports mention alpine chough sightings at heights of 8,000 meters (26,500 feet), flying over the tall Himalayan peaks, including the highest one, the Mount Everest.

6. Bearded Vulture – 24,000 Feet

Bearded Vulture also known as lammergeier is the only known bird whose diet only bone. The Lammergeier breeds on high mountains of Africa,Europe and Indian subcontinent. Bearded vultures live at high altitudes and are rarely spotted at altitudes below 1,000 m (3,300 ft). These high flying birds have even been recorded flying at heights up to 7,300 meters (24,000 feet).

7. Andean condor – 21,300 feet

Andean Condor is a large black new world vulture, found in the Andes mountains and one of the world’s longest living birds. It has a wingspan of 3.3 m. This bird is one of the highest flying birds in the world and can fly up to 6,500 meters (21,300 feet) in the air.

8. Mallard – 21,000 Feet

Mallard Wild Duck belongs to the waterfowl family and a very adaptable species of bird. The wild duck is a medium sized waterfowl species, distributed across the Southern emispheres and a strongly migratory bird. Mallards have been observed to fly as high as 6,400 meters (21,000 feet).

9. Bar-tailed godwit – 20,000 feet

Bar Tailed Godwit breeds on Arctic and known for non-stop flight journey. The bird migrates in flocks from New Zealand to Alaska and has longest nonstop flight of any bird. During its migration, the bird has been recorded to fly as high as 6,000 meters (20,000 feet).

10. White stork – 16,000 feet

White Stork is one of the large bird from the stork family, found Sub-Saharan Africa to the Indian subcontinent. The white stork is a long distance migratory bird and can reach 4,800 metres flight height while migrating.

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