California State Flower – California Poppy

Official State Flower of California

The state flower of California is the California poppy. On March 2, 1903, the California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) was designated as the official state flower of California.

The California poppy flower is bright orange and thus is also known as the Dormidera (the drowsy one), la amapola (flame flower), and copa de oro (cup of gold). It blooms frequently in the spring and summer along roads sides and freeways throughout the state.

The California Poppy
The California Poppy

The California poppy is a highly recognizable and unmatched symbol of California as the Golden State. Gold is the official state mineral thus the state nickname is “The Golden State,”.

Every year, April 6 is California Poppy Day and Governor Wilson declared May 13th – 18th is Poppy Week. Native Americans in California treasured the poppy as a food source and for extracting oil from the plant.

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California Flower – The California Poppy Facts

  • The Botanical Name of the California State Flower, the California Poppy is Eschscholzia californica.
  • The official state Flower of California USA was adopted in year 1903.
  • Apple Blossom grows between the spring and summer (mid-March to mid-May).
  • California Poppy Day is celebrated every April 6
  • The California Poppy botanical name, Eschsholtzia californica, was given by a naturalist and member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences, Adelbert Von Chamisso in 1816 when he found a bay surrounded by hills of the golden flowers (poppies).
  • Governor Wilson announced May 13 to May 18 as Poppy Week in 1996.
  • The California Poppy is a good source of food and oil for the Native Americans in California.

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