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First in the World complete list consist of all those discoveries and inventions, expeditions, human exploration and adventures which were made by first time in the world history by any human being or by the country for mankind.

First in the World: A Complete List

SnoFirst in the WorldAnswers
1The first person to reach Mount EverestSherpa Tenzing and Edmund Hillary (29 May, 1953)
2The first person to reach North PoleRobert Peary
3The first person to reach South PoleAmundsen
4The first religion of the worldHinduism
5The first country to print bookChina
6The first country to issue paper currencyChina
7The first country to commence competitive examination in civil servicesChina
8The first President of the U.S.A.George Washington
9The first Prime Minister of BritainRobert Walpole
10The first Governor General of the United NationsTrigveli (Norway)
11The first country to win football World cupUruguay
12The first country to prepare a constitutionU.S.A.
13The first Governor General of PakistanMohd. Ali Jinnah
14The first country to host NAM summitBelgrade (Yugoslavia)
15The first European to attack IndiaAlexander, The Great
16The first European to reach ChinaMarco Polo
17The first person to fly aeroplaneWright Brothers
18The first person to sail round the worldMagellan
19The first country to send man to the moonU.S.A.
20The first country to launch Artificial satellite in the spaceRussia
21The first country to host the modern OlympicsGreece
22The first city on which the atom bomb was droppedHiroshima (Japan)
23The first person to land on the moonNeil Armstrong followed by Edwin E. Aldrin
24The first shuttle to go in spaceColumbia
25The first spacecraft to reach on MarsViking—I
26The first woman Prime Minister of EnglandMargaret Thatcher
27The first Muslim Prime Minister of a countryBenazir Bhutto (Pakistan)
28The first woman Prime Minister of a countryMrs. S. Bandamaike (Sri Lanka)
29The first woman to climb Mount EverestMrs. Junko Tabei (Japan)
30The first woman cosmonaut of the worldVelentina Tereshkova (Russia)
31The first woman President of the U.N. General AssemblyVijaya Lakshmi Pandit
32The first man to fly into spaceYuri Gagarin (Russia)
33The first batsman to score three test century in three successive tests on debutMohd. Azharuddin
34The first man to have climbed Mount Everest TwiceNawang Gombu
35The first U.S. President to resign PresidencyRichard Nixon
36First Asian city to host OlympicsTokyo, Japan, 1964
37First Athlete disqualified at the Olympics for drug useHans-Gunnar Lijenwall, Mexico Olympics, 1968
38First Blind person to conquer the EverestErik Weihenmayer, USA, 2001
39First Cricket ClubCricket club founded in Hambledon, England
40First Country to start Civil Service CompetitionChina
41First Country to make education compulsoryPrussia
42First Country to win World Cup footballUruguay
43First Country to make a constitutionUSA
44First Country to Organize NAM SummitBelgrade
45First Country to send human to MoonUSA
46First Country to launch satellite into spaceRussia
47First Country to host modern OlympicsGreece
48First Country to launch Radio Telescope Satellite into spaceJapan
49First European to visit ChinaMarco Polo
50First Man to climb Mt EverestTenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, 1953
51First Man to reach North PoleRobert Peary
52First Man to reach South PoleRonald Amundsen
53First Man to Fly an aeroplanWright Brothers
54First Man to sail around the WorldFerdinand Magellan
55First Man to set foot on the MoonNeil Armstrong
56First Man to go to the spaceMajor Yuri Gagarin
57First Man to draw the map of EarthAnexemander
58First Man to compile EncyclopediaAspheosis
59First Man to win Nobel Prize in LiteratureRene FA and Silt Pradhom
60First Man to win Nobel Prize in PeaceJin F Dunant and Frederic Peiry
61First Man to win Nobel Prize in PhysicsWK Roentgen
62First Man to win Nobel Prize in ChemistryJH Wenthoff
63First Man to win Nobel Prize in MedicineAE Wonn Behring
64First Man to win Nobel Prize in EconomicsRanger Fish and John Tinbergen
65First Man to sail around the World aloneJoshua Slocum
66First Man tourist in SpaceDennis Tito
67First Man to have climbed Mount Everest TwiceNawang Gombu
68First Man Oscar winner for the Best ActorEmil Jannings, 1928
69First Man to win Tour de FranceMaurice Garin, 1903
70First Man boxing championTim Hyer, 1841
71First Man chess championWilhelm Steinitz, 1886
72First Man to walk in spaceAlexei Arkhovich Leonov, 1965
73First Man heart transplant was performed byDr. Christian Barnard, 1967
74First Man heart transplant recipientLouis Washkansky, 1967
75First Man to fly solo non stop across the AtlanticCharles Lindbergh, 1927
76First Man to swim across the English ChannelMatthew Webb, 1875
77First Man to fly solo nonstop around the world in ballonSteve Fossett, U.S., 2002
78First Man to cross the Pacific Ocean in hot air balloonBen Abruzzo and team in the Double Eagle V
79First Movie in the worldThe jazz Singer , 1927
80First Parkinson’s disease was first described byJames Parkinson, British neurologist, 1817
81First Religion of the worldSantosh Dharma
82First Recipient of a permanent artificial heartBarney Clark, 1982
83First Secretary General of UNTrigve Li
84First Space shuttle launchedColombia
85First Space ship landed on MoonViking-1
86First Space vehicle to land on the moonLunar Exploration Module (LEM)
87First Woman tourist in SpaceMrs Anousheh Ansari
88First Woman civilian police adviser of the U.N.Kiran Bedi
89First Woman BishopRev Barbara C. Harris (USA)
90First Woman to win Nobel Prize in LiteratureSelma Lagerlöf
91First Woman to win Nobel Prize in PeaceBertha von Suttner
92First Woman to win Nobel Prize in PhysicsMarie Curie-Skłodowska
93First Woman to win Nobel Prize in ChemistryMarie Curie-Skłodowska
94First Woman to win Nobel Prize in MedicineGerty Theresa Cori
95First Woman to win Nobel Prize in EconomicsElinor Ostrom
96First Woman Prime Minister of a CountryS Bhandarnayake
97First Woman Cosmonaut in SpaceValentina Tereshkova, USSR
98First Woman to Climb Mt. EverestJuno Tabei, Japan
99First Woman President of UN General assemblyVijayalakshmi Pandit
100First Woman to reach North PoleMrs Fran Phipps
101First Woman to reach AntarticaCaroline Michaelson
102First Woman President of a CountryMaria Estela Peron
103First Woman to sail around the world aloneKat Cotte
104First Woman to win an Olympic Gold MedalCharlotte Cooper, UK, Tennis singles, 1900
105First Woman professional bullfighterPatricia Mccormick, 1952
106First Women’s Olympic marathon ChampionJoan Benoit, Los Angles, 1984
107First Woman to Climb Mt. Everest twiceSantosh Yadav
108First Woman Oscar winner for Best ActressJanet Gaynor, 1928
109First Woman black tennis player to win a singles title at WimbledonA Gibson, 1957
110First Woman to win a Grand SlamMaureen Catherine, 1953
111First Woman to swim the English ChannelGertrude Ederle, 1926
112First Woman to set foot on North PoleAnn Bancroft, USA, 1986
113First University of the worldTaxila University

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