List of mountains in India

India holds a list of the tallest and gigantic mountains in the world. These mountains not only give breathtaking views but also make a significant contribution towards maintaining the beauty of geographical features, landscape, and environment. These mountains are the main tourist attraction. People from outside countries come to pay a visit to these mountains.

There are major seven Mountain ranges in India

  1. The Himalaya
  2. Aravalli
  3. Eastern Ghats
  4. Nilgiri
  5. Shivalik
  6. Vindhya
  7. Satpura mountain ranges.

Highest Major Mountain in India

Mountain NameHeight (m)Mountain RangeIndian State
Kangto7060Assam HimalayaArunachal Pradesh
Nyegyi Kansang7,047Assam HimalayaArunachal Pradesh
Saltoro Kangri / K107742Saltoro KarakoramLadakh
Saser Kangri I / K227672Saser KarakoramLadakh
Mamostong Kangri / K357516Rimo KarakoramLadakh
Saser Kangri II E7513Saser KarakoramLadakh
Saser Kangri III7495Saser KarakoramLadakh
Teram Kangri I7462Siachen KarakoramLadakh
K127628Saltoro KarakoramLadakh
Ghent Kangri7401Saltoro KarakoramLadakh
Rimo I7385Rimo KarakoramLadakh
Teram Kangri III7382Siachen KarakoramLadakh
Apsarasas Kangri7245Siachen KarakoramLadakh
Rimo III7233Rimo KarakoramLadakh
Singhi Kangri7202Siachen KarakoramLadakh
Nun-Kun7135Zanskar HimalayaLadakh
Chong Kumdang Ri7,071Rimo KarakoramLadakh
Padmanabh7,030Rimo KarakoramLadakh
Chamshen Kangri / Tughmo Zarpo7,017Saser KarakoramLadakh
Aq Tash7,016Rimo KarakoramLadakh
Chong Kumdang Ri II7,004Rimo KarakoramLadakh
Mount Lakshmi6983Rimo KarakoramLadakh
Shahi Kangri6,934Central Tibetan PlateauLadakh
Jongsong Peak7462Kangchenjunga HimalayaSikkim
Kabru N7412Kangchenjunga HimalayaSikkim
Kirat Chuli7362Kangchenjunga HimalayaSikkim
Pauhunri7128Sikkim HimalayaSikkim
Pathibhara / The Pyramid7123Kangchenjunga HimalayaSikkim
Shudu Tsempa7,024Sikkim HimalayaSikkim
Langpo6,965Sikkim HimalayaSikkim
Chorten Nyima Ri6,927Sikkim HimalayaSikkim
Nanda Devi7816HimalayasUttarakhand
Mana Peak7272Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Mukut Parbat7242Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Hardeol7161Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Chaukhamba I / Badrinath Peak7138Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Trisul I7120Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Satopanth7,075Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Tirsuli7074Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Dunagiri7066Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Rishi Pahar6992Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Thalay Sagar6984Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Kedarnath Main6968Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Saraswati Parvat I / Saraswati Peak6,940Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Sri Kailash6932Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Kalanka6931Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Saf Minal / P. 69116,911Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Panchchuli II6,904Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand

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